Liu Hong-Shen Shi-Fu


Liu Hong-Shen was born in Tong’an County, Fujian Province, into a climate of political turmoil in China, which eventually forced his family to move to Taiwan searching for a better way of life.
Liu Hong-Shen was the youngest of three brothers and started to study ‘He Quan’ (Crane Boxing) from his father at an early age and later from his uncle becoming very proficient in the art. His father had learnt his art from his native Tong’an County, Fu-Jian Province, and also studied for a short period under a famous master named Fang Shao-Qi on his arrival to Taiwan.
After becoming competent in his fathers teachings Liu Hong-Shen travelled throughout Taiwan and studied from various teachers including Liao Wu-Chan (Hou Quan, Tai-Zu Quan), and Zhao Hong-Jin (Tai-Zu Quan).
Liu Hong-Shen also travelled to the Chinese mainland where he studied the ‘Nan Tai-Tzu Quan’ (Southern Great Ancestors Fist) from his elder brother who had studied the art in Yong-Tai, Fujian Province.
After learning the various components of He Quan from his father, he combined his fathers He Quan and the He Quan that his father had learnt from Master Fang Shao-Qi creating his own unique style which became softer as he matured with age, with the emphasis of his style placed upon the theory of Yin-Yang Wu-Xing.
Although some students within the system called the style “Wu-Xing He Quan’ (Five Element Crane Fist or Five Way Crane Fist) because of the styles profound understanding of the Wu-Xing theory, Liu Hong-Shen only ever referred to his style of boxing as ‘He Quan’ (Crane Fist), and although he had many students he was not known to open a school commercially to the public.
In his later life Liu Hong-Shen moved to England with his wife and settled in London for 4 years before relocating to Essex.
In 2002, Liu Hong-Shen passed away peacefully leaving many great memories to his family, students, and friends.
Jamie Scuffell studied with Liu Hong-Shen for many years learning his He Quan and Taizuquan arts and has also studied extensively with Zhao Fu-Bing the son of Zhao Hong-Jin, his teachers’ teacher. In 1993 Jamie Scuffell sat the ‘Baishi’ ceremony and became part of Liu Hong-Shen’s martial lineage.
Liu Hong-Shen’s curriculum consisted of ‘Tai-Zu Quan’ (Great Ancestors Fist) and ‘He Quan’ (Crane Fist). Apart from the Tai-Zu Quan and He Quan arts Liu Hong-Shen also taught his students various other forms including ‘Xiao Lian Tou’, ‘Xun Qiao’, 'Biao Zhi’,  and many more.
In 2003, the senior students of Liu Hong-Shen established the ‘Shen Zhao Pai Athletic Association’ in honour of their late teacher and with the approval of the Liu Family, teaching the full curriculum's of Liu Hong-Shen’s Hequan and Taizuquan.

A more complete history of Liu Hong-Shen and his teachers can be viewed in the members section of this website.


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